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Picnic in the Park...

Hey hey, Easter break is winding up. We had a picnic down at the park today. There were... hang on, I'll count, twelve families or so, all with about three or more children each! It was a lovely day. We met at the park at noon, and then I ran some races. We did old fashioned ones, like three legged races, sack races, obstacle races, relay sprints and egg and spoon races!! Then we had a barbecue - everyone chipped in packets of sausages and bread, and one family brought their gas fired barbecue!

After lunch three of us went up to the school and hid Easter eggs (we pooled a big collection of those too) all over the playgrounds, and the children all walked up together (it's about a five minute walk or less from the park to the school) and hunted for eggs. After that it was back to the park and we had a big game of 'parents versus children' in soccer. The children just loved that.

And now, four and a half hours later, we're home, and wow, I'm tired! But it is a very good kind of tired, and we're all very contented. We're just about packed for the road trip (although I'm still trying to dry all Christy's camp clothes) and the sleeping bags are already in the back of the car. I'm not taking much, camera, laptop, a few charger cords LOL! Maybe a book, but Mum has plenty of my father's books to read up there. My map book. Some more Easter eggs for our friends on the farm. It's going to be good to get out of town. If I don't get back here in the morning, well, I'll be back on line by Thursday night unless there is a glitch in our plans. By then we should be in Tauranga, where my mother lives. This is a reasonable site

And this is where we go tomorrow... well, there isn't a site about Hurleyville, but this is the closest town, Patea (and it's almost a ghost town for shopping) http://www.stdc.co.nz/heritage_patea.php
- it's the town Keeley's sister, Anna, and her husband, Hamish, live in, in Safe. I talked about the waka over the park. It's on this site if you scroll down! And you know what? I can still hardly believe we might really be publishing Safe. It's just like something in a dream! Wonder what he'll think of Breathing Space. The contract only demands that he gets first look at it, as a subsequent novel, before I submit it anywhere else. My wish is that everyone who seeks publication can one day achieve that. I'm just still so totally amazed that I'm going to do it OMG! Me!


Apr. 9th, 2007 08:18 am (UTC)
Yeah, nineteenth century buildings are pretty old for here. Because they were almost all made of wood, most of them burnt down pretty fast!

-Have a wonderful time! Enjoy your children, your friends, the scenery and the space. Take lots of photographs. Drive safely.
Thank you so much. The space especially will be wonderful. I am so looking forward to the bush.

And my friend from the farm just texted me, so we're expected up there by lunchtime.
And Christy just passed by and she likes your leaping clouded leopard *g*
Apr. 9th, 2007 08:23 am (UTC)
It's one of Fledge's 'menagerie' from Zoo Tycoon, of course! The first animated icon she made!
Ignore your flist and your journal and get on with packing the car!!
Apr. 9th, 2007 08:30 am (UTC)
-Ignore your flist and your journal and get on with packing the car!!
Hee! I'm going up to the bedroom with Christy to wrap Easter eggs for our friends who live further north (third leg of the journey) and to watch Desperate Housewives! Won't be far away though. I'm very laid back when it comes to getting ready! I just work away at it slowly.



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