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Safe so far!

Hey there, team, we made it to Tauranga tonight, and I have found out my mother's broadband is working at very slow dial up speed so I'll have to try to look at your posts tomorrow - it's midnight here now. I hope you are all well.

We have had such fun, it's been wonderful being on the road, stopping wherever we wanted for photos, visiting old friends with no time constraints, skirting huge slips from a recent storm in Taranaki - must have been about twenty-five washouts between Wanganui and Raetihi, hurtling through forests and even managing a hiccup or two with the car which I seemed to have solved for now with a cup of very viscous oil and a $20 shout for the Patea mechanics. We've patted horses, farm dogs, ducks and we even saw a river rat at Virginia Lake.

We have run across a flock of sheep on the road, hawks on the road eating the dead possums on the road, plenty of other livestock on the side of the road - and some fascinating little towns. We have consumed a lot of junk food, although Subway in Wanganui wasn't too bad. We had a very questionable McDonalds in Bulls on the way up! Today the children had pies at Whakamaru, looking over the dam. We had fish and chips in Rotorua with our dear friends this evening and had to tear ourselves away to get up here before night. Too late. Drove the back way through Ngongotaha and Oropi in driving rain in pitch dark - no street lights out there!

I have inhaled the bush visually, although it rained in Taumaranui and we couldn't go out walking in it! But I am ready to keep writing *g*
If I can get the photos uploaded I'll show you more of our journey tomorrow or sometime soon. I bet vivh has some pics of Munich that will take me an hour to see! OMG!
But now I am a bit tired *yawn* so much driving - three days up and across the country in a dog-legged sort of way! Nice to be back here though *g*


Apr. 13th, 2007 06:03 am (UTC)
Glad the journey went well, I love the sound of hurtling through forests....

The dial up internet is a real shock after the broadband isnt it !
Apr. 13th, 2007 12:04 pm (UTC)
-The dial up internet is a real shock after the broadband isnt it !
But *wails* she has broadband, that's what I can't understand LOL! I think I might check for spyware...

Hurtling through forests - I just adore driving through native forests like we did, much more than farmland ...or motorways! There was one point where we had driven for absolutely ages, about an hour and a half, and hadn't passed one shop, one petrol station, not one thing apart from some farms and sheep stations. Very rural!



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