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So tomorrow I start full time high school teaching again. Not a permanent job but hopefully a satisfying one. I have to admit I am a bit nervous. I have to now befriend a staff of about twenty, find out about keys and photocopying and rules and and and... well, life is short and I'm taking this on as a challenge, for the sheer challengeness of it. Because I can. And they are very grateful, so that's nice, for me *g* - still they don't know me yet LOL! We have to adjust our morning routine now too. I need to get the boys out of the house half an hour earlier, and that includes me being ready. So I might not get here until the evenings, my evenings, UK mornings, US dawns, Aussie late afternoons... I know I'll catch up with you all some way or other *g*

We had a busy weekend, with the soccer season kicking off *snort* and friends around to play with everyone before the school term goes back tomorrow. And at least this coming Wednesday is a holiday here, ANZAC day, it's been on in the school holidays or on a weekend for some time now, I'm sure. So I only have to work two days, then have a day at home, then work two more. Not a bad start...

And I'm flying along in Breathing Space, reorganising, dropping scenes left, right and centre, adding others. Poor Nicholas - he's spinning in circles. I have a lot of writing to do about taonga soon, but I need to do some research. Taonga are precious artefacts, medallions, carvings, that are very special and almost holy to Maori people. As thieves grow bolder and less considerate than ever before, they are beginning to rob Maori graves, where many people are buried with their most precious taonga. It's devastating to the Maori people, and it's in my book *g*
You could see a display of Maori taonga here
Um... a koauau is a kind of flute (you can even get nose flutes!). A tokotoko is a fighting stick. A taiaha and a patu are both weapons.
But anyway, they will be popping up in Breathing Space.
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