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Day Two...

I had another day of many discoveries today. I know now what a pink slip is for, also a yellow slip, an orange form, how to fix the photocopier, two codes, a password and another three classes of girls. Plus I found I have yet another class I haven't even met yet. So I have:
Year 9 Religious Education (RE)
Year 10 RE
Year 11 RE
Year 11 RE (a bright once a week class)
Year 12 RE
Year 13 RE
Year 13 Ethics!!!
Plus some Year 13s working on individual projects! OMG!

Today I introduced the idea of IVF to the Ethics class, and the Catholic rulings on procreation and contraception and IVF... it's hard for them to be learning on one hand that they must use condoms, and on the other hand that condoms are forbidden!!! Of course there are justifications on both sides, and it made for great discussion. It was a lot to take in, too, but these girls lapped it up. We discussed designer babies and the Master race idea and the moral issues involved. More about that next lesson, I imagine. We only scratched the surface.

We talked about smacking at one point too (with the possibility of a ban being brought in here), girls raised issues like 'what is reasonable force' and one girl made a good point, that if we do ban smacking it's like the whole community is taking part in protecting children. We had some amazing discussions, I was impressed, and I was kind of like Oprah in the middle LOL! The girls responded too, and it was good to see them all joining in. So I'm feeling a bit more comfortable about that class.
The staff will take a while to get to know me, but I'm happy to stay on the periphery for now. It gives me some time out, too, for thinking!

And tomorrow - ANZAC day. It's a holiday. My ex-sister in law's father died, so my brother will be popping in to see us tomorrow on his way from the airport as he's flying down for the funeral. Jane came up to Tauranga for my father's funeral, so I'm glad my brother is coming down for this one.


Apr. 25th, 2007 07:45 am (UTC)
Thanks. I have to admit it's good to be teaching college children again instead of little ones. It feels like I'm using my brain the way it was trained. I was never trained for teaching younger children! And yeah, very interesting topics, the very ones I trialled for the Catholic Education Centre sixteen years ago!

And the students are VERY interactive! OMG!



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