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Always time to say hello...

Hey there, it's late-ish and I'm tired but there's always time for a post, huh!

So. End of my first week. Going back to full time work and still keeping the family ticking over is quite a challenge. I know I can do it, and I'm happy to give it a go, but my days are now full, starting with six to eight a.m. getting all five of us up and out of the house, from eight to four focusing on my classes, from four until nine focusing on the family, then it's time for school prep, checking there's food for the lunch boxes the next day, dishes, and if I'm lucky reading or writing. We completely missed violin on Tuesday! I worked out today that I have to teach and get to know 136 girls in seven different classes. That's nearly half the college. What a challenge! I learnt a lot of names today. And very multicultural. Every second name is a non-European one. We have a huge variety of cultures in the school, Europeans, Samoans, Maori, Assyrians, some Indians, Japanese, Korean, one girl from Kiribati, Irish, a Pakistani, Filipinos, Tongans, it's amazing.

It's kind of weird, so many friends seem to think I'm set now, finally in the kind of job I'm good at, and they don't know that it really isn't what I necessarily want. Not really. Managing teenagers all day. I dunno. Maybe. Maybe not.

But if I did, I really don't think I'll be able to write as well. And that would be so disappointing. I think I'm probably mostly just tired at the end of the first week. There was a hell of a lot to take in, and responsibilities to take on really early (I've found that a head of department has a lot of paperwork chucked at them!), and I'm feeling a bit displaced, I guess. A bit lonely in my new life.

My friend sent me some text messages from my old school - she's not liking it there at all any more, not a bit. I feel for her, she is so young and capable and I hope they don't suck the energy out of her.

Friends like Cari and Elly-welly have been sick here on my flist, so I wish you all well, and hope you feel better really fast. But I'll just stay here on my side of the fence for now.

So this all reads a bit depressing. But I'm not depressed. Just weary. Lonely. Kind of having to adjust and wondering why I'm still bothering this evening trying to write. Really. If this teaching is just the job for me, then that's probably all I'll have time and energy for.

But I hope it isn't. I like to write. It may be indulgent but it's very satisfying. And sitting here, I've woken up a bit. I might take my laptop and some Milo to bed, have a go at writing there. Have to be up early in the morning, there's soccer and netball first thing. And Finn has a party to go to later. Busy days. But full of life and living, huh. Gotta be a good thing.

I told the girls I'd give them a quote from Proverbs every day. Their bible knowledge is crapola. They didn't even know Proverbs. Today's one I wrote on the board was this:
(I had the Good News version which was nicely worded, this one's more formal, from my Jerusalem bible, but the message is the same): A glad heart is excellent medicine. A depressed spirit wastes the bones away.


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Apr. 27th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
Aw, Jenny, you sound really tired out. But it was just the first week, soon you'll fall back into a routine.

But, hey, remember this job is temporary! Soon you can go back to your writing, which is what you really enjoy doing!

I like the proverb. That's a good one.

And I'm better now! Or at least closer to it!

Get some rest this weekend!
Apr. 28th, 2007 04:18 am (UTC)
Oh, I'm glad you are feeling a bit better. Hopefully by now, even more so! Drink plenty of water.

Yeah, I guess looking back at this post I did sound tired. I still am really but we've been to netball and soccer in the rain, delivered Finn to a party, and now I've been writing all afternoon (with the usual interruptions!). It's good, I'm yet again reorganising the events in Breathing Space, so I have plenty of work ahead of me. But this time, I know I'm getting it right! And it's pretty restful, I'm typing, Christy is doing her design work at the same giant table and it's raining outside so no pressure to be doing anything else! I love it like that!
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