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Reformation and the takahe...

Darn, it's late and I'm tired! And I have to be up in six and a half hours. I've been trying to master Martin Luther and the Reformation and the Gutenberg printing press and John Calvin and all that, and really, history isn't my subject although I did teach this topic years ago. Argh! I've made three quarters of a powerpoint on it! Should be fun if I can work out how to show it in class. I have always had a sneaking suspicion that Martin Luther was right on most counts. But I can't share that with the class... heh!

I've also been mastering the basic dimensions of religion, for Sects and Cults. And for my other lessons - OMG! I'll have to scrabble in the morning. I can't find my diary with my timetable in it. Must be on my desk at school.

We had a quiet weekend. The surprise priest gave a two minute sermon, so we're pretty pleased with him. We did a lot of homework, me and the children. Not a lot else achieved today. I didn't even play the piano that well today. I was just one page into a song and I completely lost my place for a few bars. It was a real panic, like 'where the hell am I' and I don't like that feeling! I think I'm more tired than I'd like to admit.

I cooked a fantastic spicy chicken and peanut curry this evening. Christy and Asher handled the heat, so I think all our meals can start getting a lot tastier all round now!

So. I'll be back tomorrow to see how you are. Late, I guess. Head of dept meeting after school. First reconciliation meeting in the evening. Desperate Housewives at half past eight... and it's a LOT better this season.
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