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OMGOMG you won't believe what I have at home - a projector! One that plugs into my laptop and I can show powerpoint presentations on it! I borrowed it from my office. OMG I just tried it against the kitchen cupboard tonight and it's so cool. Last night I made a powerpoint presentation on Martin Luther (in a nutshell) and I just tried it out on Christy, because it's for her equivalent age group of girls at my school, and she said in a surprised voice, 'Gosh, I actually listened'! Heh. It's a bit of a funny powerpoint. Today I managed to find some of the powerpoints the last DRS (my position) used on art and the bible and they are VERY highbrow, way over my head. But I'll get to know them, I guess, then share them with the classes for which they were produced.

But my Martin Luther one is pretty laidback. Just the basics. With a few funny bits. I do have a couple of Gutenberg printing presses whizzing in there. I had a friend who knew all about that. That would have helped! Still, I'm learning. I retain so much more each time I have to teach it, that now I can talk about it without feeling like I need a reference book nearby.

Yawn... it's pouring outside. It'll be nice to be cosy in bed before too long. We bought a new wool mattress cover, after twenty long years on the old Woolrest one. It's soooooooo cosy and comfortable. I actually look forward to bed. *frowns at self in surprise* yeah, bed. Sounds nice.


May. 1st, 2007 06:25 am (UTC)
I would love to have a projector to play with, even on a temporary basis!- luck you...
May. 1st, 2007 09:36 am (UTC)
It's amazing, I showed the powerpoint today and the really stinky girls enjoyed it LOL! And so I have a powerpoint projector, I guess I can play DVDs on my laptop and play those on there too???
And I have a camera in the office, and a kit for eucharist, and nothing is even locked up! It's amazing. Nice place to work, I have to admit.



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