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So. It's eleven and I'm going to bed very shortly. I'm pretty tired. No surprise there, huh. But I'm slowly breaking through to the staff, one by one people are asking me questions and getting to know me a little more and I think they're liking the experience *g* The Principal said that I am loved by the girls already!

She also told me I have to go to drinks with her and with the Archbishop on Friday night. Ew. Last time I met him, we didn't get on so well, it was our Confirmation celebration and he was being a male chauvinist pig and I slammed the door on him in the sacristy. I really ought to be more obedient... nah! But I'll be nice as pie on Friday night, I guess! I think there will be all the Principals and DRSs in the town there.

I came home today to find Finn and his friend Meg hiding behind the neighbour's fence and Asher out there on the footpath with the hose! Turns out he'd lost the key to the door and Meg's mother had dropped them all off without realising they couldn't get in until I got home! We found the key a few hours later, in Asher's sports shoe... after school there were piano lessons then we took Christy to the doctor, then we did dinner, then I had to help everyone get their homework done, and we had to watch Lost (and in a flashback Boone's sister told him to stop trying to pick up all the GUYS!!! so he was gay and did he and Locke... well, whatever! Who cares, really?) and then they all went to bed and I'm still trying to just plan for tomorrow. Yikes! I haven't even done the dishes. Steve is away. But I've decided I'm not going to kill myself, I'm going to bed.

So this is all about me me me. But wait, the amendment to the anti-smacking bill has just been approved, with Helen Clark inviting National to her office for a chat. Now we will be able to 'lightly smack' our children without fear of prosecution!

And my publisher is saying, hey, how's it going, looking forward to hearing from you. I'm stalling at the moment...

And my Year Nine class includes a Pakistani, a Fijian Indian, a Korean, two Japanese, some Samoans, a Cook Island Maori, three Assyrians, some Europeans - including a Dutch girl, a NZ born Indian, and an Ethiopian. Amazing, huh, it's like being back at my old school!
So. I hope your days and nights are okay. One day I'll actually catch someone up at the same time as me...
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