natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Keeping on in my own little world...

And so, I'm starting to get used to being at work all day every day, like old times. This morning I had to be at the doctor's at quarter to eight, so I dropped the boys at a friend's house by twenty-five to, zoomed over to Hataitai, got there just in time, and he was already running twenty minutes late! OMG! Still, when I got in there I talked fast, once we'd had a little mutual rejoicing over Man Utd winning the Championship VBG, and he checked me out. I have a form to go see a specialist about something, and on it are important things about me to note for the doctor, these turned out to be Bell's Palsy in 2004 and iron deficient anaemia. Heh. I wasn't brave enough to ask for an iron test at the same time.

I taught almost all day, and it went pretty well. I even made Henry VIII sound fascinating as he founded the Church of England all for the want of a woman LOL! The girls liked that story.

After school I have managed to... rush home and arrive before the piano teacher; get Meg, Finn and Asher more food than they found for themselves; tidy desperately and clear the bench before one of my super-tidy friends arrived for a Reconciliation meeting; have my meeting and plan the liturgy; clear out the guinea pig cages with Asher; organise (by phone) the Archbishop to come for confirmation in August; go to the supermarket; cook dinner; help Asher with his homework; fix the printer for Finn's homework; listen to Christy's woes about the St Pat's Dance tomorrow night and where she is going beforehand; bake some wonderful chocolate bread rolls - actually they're in the oven right now *g* and they smell great; supervise Finn's violin practice... was that a down bow? ; watch Lost with Asher and Christy and it was very exciting; fill the dishwasher; and I can hear the washing machine has just finished with the white shirts for tomorrow; hose away the cat puke on the front porch before she attempts yet again to eat it OMGOMGOMG yuk!!! I think she's losing her marbles! And I still have to do some school work. I'd love to do some writing but I think my system won't cope LOL!

I'm slowly catching up with LJ! I think I have an easier day tomorrow at school. I have to get on and plan Mission Day for the school in a fortnight, if I'm still there!
And that's probably me for now. I'll hang out the shirts somewhere safe for the night, move the guineas back into their clean cages and get the rolls out of the oven. Make a drink, look over my plan book and GO TO BED! Up again in seven hours from now. Darn!

And last night, while Christy had her clarinet lesson, I actually did some writing! *g*
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