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So. I had a really busy day. And now it's mostly over, although Christy has a friend to stay so that always adds to the excitement! I cooked lasagne for dinner so they are all well fed. Christy's team (she coaches them, they're all nine and ten year olds) won flippaball this evening for the third week running, so she is very happy. Finn had a good soccer practice this afternoon, too, and is thrilled to be named right wing for tomorrow's game.

It does look like school will need me for a little while yet, which is a bizarre situation for me. I think once I've spoken to the boss about it (she wants to talk to me), I might feel a little more settled. I've rearranged my clasroom tables, so it's now MY room and MY rules. No iPods! I'm still learning how things work around the place, but it gets easier each week. Now I have mastered the video/DVD trolley as well. And today my Year 13 class watched a documentary about a young man, Ricky, who'd been raised in the Children of God cult, and had filmed his suicide video, a raw, heart-rending monologue of his confusion and desperation, before heading off to kill someone else and himself because of the pain of that cult.
-The January 2005 murder of a former member by the leader's son Ricky Rodriguez (who had also left the group several years earlier) and his subsequent suicide shocked both members and former members, and led to considerable, renewed media attention.
The girls were really moved. At the end of the documentary, no one said a word. Dead silence. I spoke to them a little bit, and they said they were just too shocked to talk. It was a powerful introduction to the teaching of cults, that's for sure!

I'm going to show the film, Martin Luther, to my Year Eleven class next week. We previewed it last night, and it's good. I hope they don't all decide to become Lutherans LOL! He was very convincing!

I'm going to write now. My heart wants to write but my brain tells me to give it up. I'm going with the heart tonight!

And that's me...


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May. 11th, 2007 10:18 pm (UTC)
Write!! Write!!!

Glad you're settled into the classroom. You sound better every day. Maybe it wouldn't be too bad to do the year, or at least the term, then go back to peacefulness and writing.

It's wonderful that you can have such an impact on the girls.

And good for Christy's team! It's not easy work coaching, I'm glad her team is doing well.

May. 12th, 2007 05:50 am (UTC)
-Write!! Write!!!
I have moments where I think, it's not worth pursuing and I just can't do it. But yeah, I'll keep plugging away.

-You sound better every day.
It's funny, teaching about Martin Luther wanting to improve the Catholic church and all its immense faults of the time, I understood a tiny drop of what he felt. I wanted to help my old school, and in trying to do so, managed to get most people's backs up! So I end up alienated for the sheer notion of trying to make things better. Me and Martin Luther *snort* yeah, well... he just did things on a grander scale LOL! We both left what we loved, but we found great happiness elsewhere, so yeah, I can see why I sound better *g*
May. 12th, 2007 02:02 pm (UTC)
We both left what we loved, but we found great happiness elsewhere, so yeah, I can see why I sound better *g*
I'm glad it turned out. That was a bad situation, it's not fair when all you want to do is help, but everyone's just blocking the way.

But yeah, I'll keep plugging away.
Good for you!!
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