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The story of the visit to the surgeon... Okay, so I braved the morning traffic, after dropping the boys off at a friend's house, and made my way across town to Churchill Drive. There I faced the oral surgeon, who was just like a dentist, but with a nice view of the dense bush across to Wadestown. He was a tall, glamorous Indian surgeon, with the usual surname of Patel, rather like Smith in English or Leota in Samoan or Chan in Chinese *g* and he said the lump on my tongue didn't look like a bad thing but wouldn't go away by itself, so would I like him to whip it out! I said, you tell me. He said, with the most extraordinary bulging of eyeballs for emphasis, that he could do it in five minutes with a stitch at the end. Quaking desperately, and thinking about the long journey to get there, I agreed to have it out then and there.

It took him a bit longer, and three big fat ugly black stitches, but at least I couldn't feel it. I felt quite odd afterwards but they must have known that would happen, and put me in a Lazy-Boy chair for ten minutes. I got back to school in time for my second lesson but my tongue was fat and I couldn't talk. The class was sympathetic and worked fine, and so did the next two classes. By lunchtime my mouth was REALLY HURTING LOL and my friend, trying to co-write reports with me, decided I had to go home so she dobbed me in to the administration and I got the official word to leave *g* (I had no classes, my Year 12s were out on Work Experience). That was nice, because man, does it hurt. I have two kinds of painkillers and antibiotics, and I only wish I knew which pain killers to take when! One is more for swelling, I think, the ibuprofen, but I took the other ones at two pm, because they looked like they have codeine *g* I'm not really used to taking painkillers, so hopefully they will work well enough - but right now IT HURTS!!! I just have to take Christy to clarinet at seven then I think maybe I'll go to bed! I have stitches for ten days. They look AWFUL but luckily few people see the side of your tongue in normal conversation! Thanks for all your care and concern. At least the surgeon didn't think it was anything sinister. He thought maybe I'd bitten my tongue at the start of the year and the lump just formed. I kept thinking of the young man at the Seatoun Bookshop who died of cancer of the tongue. How awful that must have been for him, poor guy. Such a nice guy, too.

And ooh, it's nearly six pm, I think I can take some more pills!

So that was my day, really, dominated by the pain in my mouth. How intense it can be, and how inwardly-focused, to feel such pain. It's like nothing else is as important. I can see how it could change you, long term, being in pain. I just have to think how lucky I really am.


May. 23rd, 2007 07:39 am (UTC)
-Query: did all this start while I was away??
I have had the lump since February, but I tried to ignore it.

-*sends all the care and concern that should have been sent earlier*
Hey, we're all busy at times, don't you ever feel you missed something.

-Do you have to go all the way back to have the stitches out?
Yeah. Thursday week. *shudder* last time I had stitches out I nearly fainted!! I HATE that too!

But yeah, it was just a lump. I hope *g* Thank you for your caring comments *hugs you*



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