natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Smile, somehow God loves you... surely! Otherwise, what the hell...

Hey hey, it's midnight, and I couldn't get to LJ earlier. I've been making a powerpoint for our Mission Day liturgy in the morning. Yawn, I am literally falling asleep! I couldn't get to my flist either before, so I'll catch up with you over the weekend, I guess. OMG I am so tired! I had a really busy couple of days, with sixty girls to get into sites in Rest Homes for the day, and all their transport organised, RAMs for the cemetery trip, details for all sorts of things to get all three hundred girls busy tomorrow helping the community. And tomorrow it will happen then it'll be OVER! Then I have to write junior reports. Luckily most of my students are seniors. I only have two junior classes. That'll be Monday's job.

And my tongue still hurts when I don't take the pain killers. So hey, I'm taking them LOL! I am sure it'll be better really soon. It looks absolutely gross though. Fat, black stitches. Yuk!

I've had a three calls these last two days from friends from my old school. We all have ties, you know, to the evil that went on there. It dug deep into people and it isn't fair, you know? People don't need to be hurt like that. There are so many ways to deal with people without hurting them. Even today, I watched one person shoot down another in Staff meeting. And it hurt, to see that going on. I guess it happens. We mostly all do it somehow some time or other, whether we mean to or not. Women, huh...

And so. Tomorrow night, drinks with the Archbishop... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh. The children get to go to Pirates of the Caribbean. I get the Bish. Heh. Part of the job apparently. So I'll have to put on a good show. And this time next week, I think Steve will be in France. And I won't :-( Still, the results of the last trip still hurt a bit, knowing I thought I had a great friend there. Then I didn't any more. So I can wait. The world can wait. I'm busy here.
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