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OMG a day of triumphs! Mission Day was really superbly successful. Everyone seemed to love the liturgy I organised, using some of the senior girls, and since it was my first one there, that was a great relief! One Year 13 came up to me at the end of it and pulled me aside just to tell me how much she'd enjoyed it! And girls passing me all day said they liked it. Teachers, too. Funny huh, it was just a simple liturgy but it seemed to work well. I think it was because it was uplifting. The past DRS apparently tended to focus on the needy and their needs, which could be depressing at times for teenagers. The senior girls were great, they helped me get the atmosphere right. It was in the gym which doubles as a hall. They put a cloth full of candles and tealights on the floor, and the girls sat in a horseshoe around that, several rows deep, facing the powerpoint up on the screen. Because we had music playing as they came in, and the lights out, it made it kind of special even though it was at ten to nine in the morning! I used a song that is half in Samoan, The Lord is my Light, by Adeaze, a Kiwi group, and the girls loved that. And we sang Shout to the Lord (I have a good recording of that) so that went well, too. It's an inspiring song.

Then the girls dispersed for their Mission Day activities, me like a drill sergeant sending people here and there, 300 girls disappearing all over the community, and I was free to take photos after I dropped a few girls off in various places. We teachers and visitors had a shared lunch at school and after lunch I organised the closing liturgy/feedback session for the end of the day. That went really well too, with photos of the day's events as a closing powerpoint (the senior computer girls put that together, to music) and it was really moving to see the things people had done that day, clearing gravestones, wheeling elderly people out in the sun in their wheelchairs, collecting for Heart Children, making cookies for the community... it was just wonderful to see it all.

This evening I had to meet my Principal at the Archbishop's home - he invited the Principals and DRSs to drinks for an hour. It was nice, renewing some old friendships. I have old links with nearly half the people who were in the room! One guy hadn't seen me for more than twenty years, probably twenty-five.

And it turns out the Catholic centre is desperate for an RE teacher who knows ESOL!! So they got all excited when I happened to say I'd like to write some ESOL friendly worksheets for my non-English speaking girls! They want me to come to a workshop in a few days time, and were pleading with my principal to let me go the minute she walked in the door LOL!

I have to admit that it has been nice today, getting so much affirmation, and being rewarded in some ways for the work I'm doing, and being so appreciated. I mean, I was always appreciated at my last school, but in the long run, that never amounted to anything really tangible in terms of work, only friendships. Here, I can soar if I want to... but *sigh* I'd still like to write again. Soon.

And I'm absolutely, completely, totally exhausted! I guess the tongue saga hasn't helped! Those stitches are so ugly! Thank goodness Steve flew in from Auckland in time to get the children to the fundraiser of Pirates of the C3 while I was socialising with the Catholics, and I could just come home and sit like a blank thing on the couch at seven-thirty! Am looking forward to the weekend. Tomorrow, netball, soccer, then NOTHING for the whole afternoon. Wheee!
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