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May. 30th, 2007

Hey, team, sorry I haven't posted. I have to admit, I've been really miserable, with those damn stitches in my tongue. I'll be fine for a while and then suddenly it's like the painkillers suddenly wore off and I can't do a thing. Maybe it's teaching all day, and then it hits me when I get home. Or when the class is suddenly quietly working and my stupid tongue is stilled! Whatever, I haven't felt like doing anything more than the minimum.

Which isn't to say we've been idle. Never quite get that! Last night, after Christy's clarinet lesson we (the boys came too) whizzed over to the Cathedral to see my college and the St Pat's boys' college having a music evening. That went well, but my boys were tired by the time we got home (we stopped for hot chocolate at the BP station!). And as long as I don't have to talk in the evenings, I'm fine! And the girls were pleased to see me there. I could see some of them eyeing up Christy, as The Daughter, wearing her school uniform of the sister school! I was having a joke with my children at the start of the concert, and one of my Year 12 girls leaned back and whispered to me, 'Can you be my Mum?'

The Principal welcomed me formally to the school today at Assembly and hinted that it'd be nice if I stayed! OMG! I told her afterwards that it was blackmail. Still, I'm getting deeply involved in the life of the school, and it's okay so far...

I have a biggish Year 11 class (I have a really small one too - 13 girls) - the big class has 27, and many of them are the school trouble makers. They weren't enjoying the topic we were doing so I finally wrapped it up and the other day I gave them some fun activities for a whole lesson - they lapped it up, and are eating out of my hand at the moment. I did a great revision of the Reformation today, for our test tomorrow, so I hope I can keep that postive relationship going. I think it's so hard to get your fifteen year old head around Religious Education when you are embarking on national achievement subjects elsewhere in the school.

All my other classes are pretty good, so I can't complain just now... heh... there's always a honeymoon period in a new school. Ask me again in six months LOL!

And I get my stitches out tomorrow afternoon, so I'm really hoping that means I can recover! And be more chatty to you all. And Steve leaves for France in the morning. I'm a little upset about that, for no apparent reason. I guess I just don't feel so good. Still, Queen's Birthday weekend coming up, so Monday is a holiday. Although Asher has soccer...

As for writing, I haven't been able to write a word. Maybe this weekend...


May. 30th, 2007 05:11 pm (UTC)
Sorry your tongue is so sore, I hope when the stitches come out that it will feel much better.

It certainly sounds as though you're settling well into school life, it's nice to be wanted isn't it? even if it is exhausting!!!

one of my Year 12 girls leaned back and whispered to me, 'Can you be my Mum?' - Were you looking for extra children??
May. 31st, 2007 10:02 am (UTC)
Yeah, stitches gone and today was actually a painfree day, so things are looking up *g* Thank you.

-it's nice to be wanted isn't it? even if it is exhausting!!!
It sure is nice to be wanted. I think there was a lot of rejection the last year or so, and this is such a nice feeling, to be enjoyed *g* - rather like being here on LJ with my friends *g* - it's a celebration every day.
As for the exhausting side of things, it's like, well, too bad, life is for living, I just have to get on and enjoy it however I can! So this is manageable at the moment, and fun, and the money helps *g* so I'm giving it my best shot.

-'Can you be my Mum?' - Were you looking for extra children??
Absolutely not! But I think she wished she could have fun with her own family like we were. I don't think any of her family were there to see her.



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