natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

I am going on a course tomorrow, for ESOL (English as a Second Language) assistance in Religious Education teaching!! I am, apparently, the only RE teacher around the city who is also an ESOL expert! Heh. So they insisted that my Principal let me go on this course. It took me ages to set work for my classes but now I'm free to just go to the course tomorrow and be with adults all day! And if I am bored, I can write in my head. Crossing town to have my stitches out late this afternoon, I had a lot of ideas about my writing and where I'm going wrong and what I might do to perk it up so that I can write in bursts when I get a minute (at the moment I'm at a dead stop), so I'm rather keen to get on with that.

It is, though, bless her, the Queen's birthday this weekend (not her real one though) so we get Monday off (although Asher has a soccer game). I don't have much time for the Queen, particularly since I married into an Irish family *g* but I appreciate the day off all the same. I shall definitely do some writing. I am determined. I should get some alone time, as I dropped Steve at the airport this morning and that's it, he's off for two weeks. Bon voyage, mon whatever... mari? Yeah, I think that might be it. Long time since I really studied any French.

And tonight I phoned the mother of one of Christy's friends about a party, and it turned out we went to school together and lived just a few streets apart growing up. We're the same age but I was two years ahead of her at school, so we were never friends or anything. Small world though! We knew a lot of people in common. Wellington is so like that!

And that's it from me. I had a wonderful day teaching. I did some really good things in the classroom today, and I am grateful to have such a cool job for now - even my Year 11s were great today, actually studying for their test on the Reformation, which we postponed to Tuesday!

*yawn* I might need to go to bed soon.
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