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So. Steve is far, far away. I got up early and took Asher to soccer up in Karori. Thrashed them 7:2. Christy and Finn had a slow morning and she got him ready and my friend (mother of Conor and Liam) picked them both up to go to Finn and Liam's soccer (and Conor was on the next pitch, so that was easy). Asher and I joined them after his game, and Finn's team won 1:0, thanks to Liam scoring! Finn played really well. No netball for the holiday weekend.

Then we had a breather for a while until we had to take Cocoa to the vet, poor little mite. He is not very well. I desperately hope he doesn't die. They will put him on a drip and give him antibiotics, and I never thought I'd do that for a guinea pig but he's such a lovely one. He's my favourite.

Finn and Asher had Liam and Conor to play, and later I took them with me to drop Christy off at a friend's house over in Ngaio. That was funny. She lives just near where I grew up, and her mother was two years behind me in school (although we're the same age). I didn't know her well then. I dropped the boys off at the park while we went up to the house, and afterwards, I went down to the park to get them. It brought back so many memories. Walking down that path, over the bridge over the creek, to the wee park, which was decimated in the floods of '76. It felt so 'right' to be back there again. *sigh* memories! we used to sneak along the railway track, climb through the bush, play in the creek endlessly... no creeks in Miramar.

And now I have writing to do and OMG I am on a roll again, it's so pleasing.


Jun. 2nd, 2007 01:29 pm (UTC)
Good for the boys on winning their games!

It is ironic that Christy is friends with the child of one of the people from where you grew up. They always say it's a small world!

And now I have writing to do and OMG I am on a roll again, it's so pleasing.
Jun. 3rd, 2007 10:56 am (UTC)
-They always say it's a small world!
And Wellington is a very small world indeed.



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