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Retail therapy

Edited entry LOL!

Christy and I went shopping in the city this morning, a quiet, damp Monday morning so there were plenty of car parks, while the boys went to a movie with their friends. They are all back now, yelling at the xBox in excitement, and Christy has gone babysitting (all the money will go to me for what I bought her this morning *g*). And so I'm going to do some CLEANING.

The shops were lovely, we saw heaps of fantastic stuff, and we didn't leave Cuba Street. I bought Christy a new lightshade for the long-serving, naked bulb hanging in her bedroom. I bought her a really nice sweater, too. We bought a little block (3D art is big here!) to go on the wall for my friend with MS, it has a tree like a blossom with a bird flying towards it and it says to never give up on things. Never. Good advice, huh. Christy found the most gorgeous paua dragonflies - Christy is always seeing things that she wants me to buy for my net buddies! - but then we remembered we don't look at them any more. Sad, huh.

We have heaps of ideas for furniture for the boys' room. I have so much trouble getting the formula right there. Short of staying home from work and just tidying their room for them, OMG, I'll just have to let them take control at some stage and be totally responsible little males... heh, now there's an oxymoron... *giggle*


Onto the house. I have room after room to deal with after ten weeks of full time teaching. I did pop into the college this morning to pick up my laptop cord, so later, after the house is done, I intend to WRITE... why? Because I can. It's such fun, even if it's never read by anyone else. I have found that out! So. What can you do?


Jul. 2nd, 2007 09:39 am (UTC)
-Shopping - cool, I wish I could have walked down Cuba Street with you and Christy, I always loved it there! It's so alive!!
Yeah, I love it too. My father grew up at his grandparents' shop and home at the top of Cuba St, and it was like a whole society of culture up there back then, and I think it's retained something so special.

I have half cleared the boys' room, and Asher and I will continue tomorrow. Now I'm going to put everyone to bed and maybe do some writing. I'd like to watch the tennis but it's killing me that Wimbledon doesn't start until midnight. I just can't stay up every night for that!

-Responsible males - such a nice idea!!!
Yeah, and such an unlikely one!!!
Jul. 2nd, 2007 09:50 am (UTC)
I haven't watched the tennis, and it's even on at a sane time here! But I don't have time, if I started watching I'd lose a fortnight!! - so it's safer not to. I'll probably watch the semifinals and finals!

Have fun writing!!
Jul. 2nd, 2007 10:38 am (UTC)
Have fun writing!!
I'll try!!! No, really, I shall indeed!!!



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