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So, tonight I was reading Phil Gulley's 'shameless plug' about his latest book, and I decided I might buy it on Amazon, and I also recently got an email about John Grisham's latest book, and and apparently Nick's got a book coming out that he's co-written with Rebecca Sparrow, so that could be fun (Monica Bloom wasn't so much but hope springs eternal). So I have all my writing heroes appearing in print just now, it's so exciting!!!

To calm myself after the term from - I don't know where - I've been skimming my old Simon Templar 'The Saint' books - well, they were my father's but my mother didn't want them so I brought them home! They are crumbling apart but reading bits of them reminds me why I loved them so much, Simon was such an engaging character, so delightfully anti-establishment, so willing to take on any challenge against evil! I have loved him all my life (I started reading them when I was about eleven) and was mortified when my brother, who never read anything, called his son Simon! That was MY name for MY children, should I have had any (which I subsequently did, but I couldn't use Simon, dammit!). Still, maybe Asher and Finn are grateful for small mercies!

And so now I'm going to do a little writing of my own. Nick has been calling out to me to get on with his story or he'll never find out who is stealing the taonga from the marae, and nor will he conquer that irritating asthma problem. Time for me to get on and get him moving along, huh, while it's school holidays.

Oh, oooh, I clicked on the philgulleybooks site and there were excerpts where he talked to the camera and I could see and hear him and I was just so excited, it was like meeting him! My jaw hit the table and I just sat there enthralled! Interesting accent though! OMG! So... I dunno, middle America? I was fascinated. I hadn't expected that. Like when I phoned an American LJ friend years ago, and it was the first time I'd thought about Virginia being, well, a little bit southern! Like hannahfmuk said, we tend to just make people sound like ourselves in our heads. Mind you, I listened to one of my Year 12s recounting an entire episode of Grey's Anatomy for a friend after school last week, while I tidied my classroom, and she frequently broke into an American accent in the telling. It was really funny but I pretended not to notice, she did it so smoothly!
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