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The journey is the goal...

Sunday night, and no work tomorrow (YAY), since we're still on our mid-winter, mid-year break. Christy is now halfway through her college (high school) career, which is amazing. I recall her first term ever when she wondered if she'd get through the first ten weeks! And winter it sure is here. There was a frost this morning, unusual for us as we live so near the sea in a fairly temperate climate. But my windscreen wipers had frozen to the car, so when I tried to clear the ice off my windscreen with the hose and the wipers, one wiper blade split, half of it still stuck to the car!! My side passenger window had frozen shut too, so I had to get out and clear that of ice in order to see as I backed out of the drive. By the time I got to Mass, my fingertips were frozen! You have to remember we never get snow or anything like that, so this is pretty unusual! I played the piano right through Mass in my fingerless gloves.

And before Mass I was trying to recall the name of a priest for our priest, JC jnr, and I said, 'You know, that quietly spoken, fussy, gay one', and JC jnr leaned towards me and whispered, 'You know what? He is gay!' I said it didn't worry me.

And it's very VERY cold outside just now at eleven p.m. I have saved the washing (rain tomorow!) but it's still all rather wet!

Friends called in this evening on a mad dash between Melbourne and Dunedin, and Anna was asking if I'd published my book. I said I didn't think I would, and she said I still ought to. Her future mother in law butted in and said why she didn't think I was doing it, and I was rather peeved. How can she know what I'm doing? We never talk about my writing! OMG! In fact, I hardly talk to anyone about my writing, not what I'm really thinking or going through. I don't even know who I'd talk to. It's all so personal to me. I think if I wrote something funny, it'd be easier to share. But Safe, I can't seem to share it easily. I have so many doubts and insecurities. And Breathing Space, will that be any better? *shrug* it seems like I've been re-edited to be a teacher again, which is a little disappointing. Still, we had a great sermon today, and the focus was that the journey is the goal. What d'you think of that? I think it's that it's what we're doing now that's important, that we don't have to fret about where we're going or what we haven't achieved, it's how we're getting there that is actually so vital, not the getting there itself. Like, thank God I arrived at my destination. Oh, did I miss anything good along the way? I wasn't looking...

So maybe writing is part of my journey. What happens to the book at the end, *shrug* who cares?
Que sera sera

I was going to bed but the rabbit was desperate for a run, so I've let him have a mad dash before bed. He was throwing the things in his cage around. Now he's hooning round the living room like a black fluffy blur! He is very fast. Maybe I'll go have a play... the boys set up Playmobil Fort Glory for him to run around in and he loves it! He can leap in and out of the tall barricades with enthusiasm! I think I'll go have a little play!


Jul. 9th, 2007 11:46 pm (UTC)
I could have gotten hot pink or even purple. But I couldn't resist the blue! I just wish it would stop raining so I can get out there and try to fit them on!



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