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An Apple for the family...

We might go into Magnum Mac this morning, to do some window shopping. Any recommendations? We really want to play Garage Band, Comic Life, not much else in mind so far... but I did promise Finn that if I worked all term I'd get him an Apple Mac. So. Money will have to be spent, huh. I just think it'd suit him, with his tendency towards graphics and picture thinking.

And as for LJ, I'm having a small meltdown about memorable issues just now, I don't know why, but I have a few ideas what brought all that pain and angst flowing back! It irks me, and I notice a tendency in myself to push aside the feelings of others more lately than I ever would have before. A tendency to shrug, be unable to comment on posts, just not even care or bother to even attempt to explain myself. Hmmmmm. *shrug*


And I have to rejoice, it's still the holidays, so I went back to bed at seven this morning and finished a book after Steve went to work, Swim the Moon, but despite a wonderful angsty start, it dissolved into a story about a man possessed by a spiritual seal in the Scottish waters, and really, that killed it for me. Fantasy and me don't get by so well, despite the wonderful worlds Moth creates (probably the only fantasy I ever read!). Of course the guy ended up swimming to his (albeit happy) demise in the water with the girl seal and the rest of his drowned family from the past. I threw the book down in disgust.

And OMG it's so c-c-c-cold here this morning! Everything is soaked outside, not rain, just winter dew. And not so frozen, just WET and COLD! Dealing with the laundry nearly killed my fingertips! Brrrrr!


Jul. 9th, 2007 11:00 am (UTC)
An Apple Mac, mmmmmmmm, I would like to have the chance to have a play on one without being committed to that path, it does sound fun! happy shopping.

Do enjoy the rest of your holiday, another whole week! :)
Just concentrate on enjoying the friendships and joys you have now, we can never change what has already passed, no matter how much we would like to! But there is lots to enjoy right now... and I'm looking forward to seeing some photos of your room when it is finished!!



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