natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Sr Joan Chittister and other stuff!

Last night I shook hands with Sr Joan Chittister. She is a provocative and forward-thinking nun whose messages can evoke some very strong reactions within and without the Catholic Church. She has written a lot of books, and because of her tendency to draw criticism, my friend who managed the address last night hired two bodyguards. There was no trouble though. I like some of the things Sr Joan has to say, for example her discussion on the reintroduction of the Latin Tridentine Mass by the current (and IMHO ridiculously stupid and impractical despite his learnedness) Pope. Her words on that potentially controversial topic can be read here:

I was introduced to her by two other nuns as a wonderful Director of Religious Studies LOL! I have fans in the Convent! I really must read more teachings and stuff, though, so I can live up to my learned status *giggle* probably saying 'and stuff' has put me in my place.

And so another freezing cold, wet and windy day has passed. We spent most of it up at friends, a family we visit for a day most holidays, so we can talk and talk (well, De and I talk and talk, the children play, eat and play!) A lot of coffee is consumed, and our friendship is strengthened and renewed for another term. Important stuff, that, the talking. We've been through a bit together, her son had leukaemia years ago and that's how we first became good friends, but Alex is good today, he had the all clear a couple of years ago, he's Asher's friend. De's mother died a nasty death from cancer a few years back. She knows what my father did and what he was like. We share stuff. It's good, and we trust one another. And that's a wonderful thing about good friends, that trust. I am blessed.
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