natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Harry Potter

We went to the Harry Potter movie tonight. It was a school fundraiser, so it was like the whole school community was there, in the school holidays! Cold, wet night, but I did enjoy the movie. My friend didn't. She was standing there with her chidren afterwards looking grumpy. She thought it was a bit dull (!). I said I liked it. I know there was heaps they missed out, or glossed over, but it was action packed, some personal bits, I liked Luna more than in the book, and the evil is mounting. Finn said he didn't like the increased scenes with Voldemort but Christy and I both felt that since that Voldemort is getting stronger, it makes sense that he's more prevalent. It's not a children's movie though, really, unless they've grown up with the movies in order. It was a shame they didn't include Sirius' mother screaming from her portrait. I was looking forward to that. There was a lot about that house they could have included.

Still, it was a good night out and now we're home and ready for bed and c-c-c-cold again. My friend texted me to say her and her boyfriend have had a nasty car accident and they are not hurt but the car might be written off. She's going to phone me tomorrow. I hate having car crashes, it takes ages to get over them. It's like burglaries, though, the first is the worst. Or maybe the second... last time, all I did was yell at the woman who had rear ended us, then just got on with dealing with it.

And we had some new bits of furniture delivered today, in the rain, but I'm too cold and tired, I'm taking my laptop to bed so I'll tell you about it tomorrow!
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