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Jul. 20th, 2007

I've been to a school fundraising auction and quiz night. Our girls' rugby team and the senior French girls are going to France together soon, and this is to help them out. It was fun but the questions were pretty pathetic, so a lot of us ended up in a big clump at the top end. Really silly ones, like what are the two main political parties in America, or what are the four canonical gospels of the New Testament... nothing to really challenge us apart from a few sporty history questions, and we missed a couple of odd ones where we tossed up two answers and chose the wrong one! So the teachers' table came fourth. Most of the rugby girls are Samoan or Maori and come from really poor families, so this fundraiser will make the difference between them going and not going, possibly the biggest trip some of them will ever make in their lives, so I'm glad it was a success tonight.

And I got home at twenty to midnight and everyone is still awake. Steve never went up the hall to make everyone go to bed so they didn't. Argh!

And the funeral today was beautiful and sad and moving. So many wonderful things were said about Mr K, I felt moved myself. How wonderful, to be a quiet, unassuming, kind Irishman, and to be so loved by your family, such an outpouring of grief and respect and familiarity. I so wished I'd had a family like that. It was nice.

And now to bed, I guess. Up early tomorrow morning to listen to the cancellations for sport. The grounds were closed today, and it's supposed to rain tomorrow...


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Jul. 20th, 2007 10:41 pm (UTC)
I'm glad the quiz night went well, I hope the girls have a great trip.. I think it's great to give them an opportunity like that!

I'm glad the funeral was a good event too, I think it is important to farewell people well, to celebrate the life that has been and to allow people time to remember and say good bye.
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