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Driving around town on a Saturday afternoon is no longer the easy journey it used to be. A car park is a tricky thing to find close to the shops, and there are just people everywhere. When I was growing up, the shops were just starting to open on Saturday mornings, but you can guarantee that by one p.m. the town was pretty much deserted apart from near the movie theatres.

Now, many years later, our shops are open all weekend, many from nine to five, Saturday and Sunday. People save up their shopping for the weekend. All the market shops open and there are usually many bargains to be had.

Trouble with all this is that the mad drivers come to town. Christy and I were overwhelmed by the rampaging stupidity of many people on the road as we headed into Borders to get our copy of Harry Potter and free beanie owl *g* I haven't even looked at the first page yet. Maybe tomorrow night. And I don't know why people like to knock HP, after all, it is consistently the most popular book to read aloud in our house, not too much description, easy to follow dialogue, undemanding and yet creative imagery and language for young minds. We enjoy it.

So, the children want me to read Harry to them. I don't mind. I'm sure the cat can't wait. Do you recall how obsessed with HP she was? She would leave the heater every night to join us for the reading of HP no matter whose bedroom we congregated in, she would listen, roll round on the floor in joy, and then leave when I did. She never entered the children's bedrooms at any other time. She never left the living room in the evenings at any other time. And when I read Stormbreaker, and Inkheart, the cat didn't stay. We also have video tapes of her refusing to get out of the middle of Finn's HP Lego - remember this pic?
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I wonder if she'll join us again this time round.

We suspect she is the reincarnation of Voldemort...


Jul. 22nd, 2007 04:56 am (UTC)
-parents must be aware that their children may suffer from bereavement after reading the final Harry Potter book"......
IF that is a spoiler, then I'm going to be really
Jul. 23rd, 2007 09:14 pm (UTC)
I think they meant withdrawal symptoms, as it's the last book!



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