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Tai chi...

I guess I'd better to what vivh is planning to do, get on with Christmas card stuff.

Today, oh joy at the letterbox, I received another BEAUTIFUL postcard from moth1, it's of a Dom in Aachen - I'll go scan it ...oh here you are:
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I won't talk about work, except to say our new secretary has quit after three days. It was too much, she said. And the Board is finally showing some guts. More on that in the future, maybe.
The weather is finer. I am just doing my third load of laundry for the evening, since it has finally finally stopped raining. Finn hung out all the white washing, and said it looked like we had a priest in the house!

Asian food week continues - tonight, crispy noodles with beef, spring rolls and dried crunchy noodles, and gulab jamons for dessert (indulgent but we made them ourselves *g*)

There is a park at the end of our street, a most English-sounding park called Crawford Green. In the mornings, there is a group of Chinese people who do tai chi. They used to meet at seven but they are now meeting at eight, so they're there when we come past. Asher watched them, digesting my talk about being in Hong Kong and seeing people doing that everywhere... and what did he ask?
"Can you kill someone with tai chi?"
"Very slowly," I told him.
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