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Well, it's Sunday night again here. I'm trying to do school prep and watch Top Gear, make pudding, bake cookies and get everyone ready for an early night. Luckily women can multi-task. And on that note, I bought 'Above the Earth' for my classes at school - it's a French DVD showing the most amazing images of the planet. It's beautiful, and we do a unit in RE each year on being stewards of the planet. I played the first hour of it in class last week using the projector and big screen, then on Friday I put the tv wagon in my room and played the rest of the programme while I taught! I told the girls they were women so they could multi-task, watch that and do my work at the same time! It worked well!

It's really cold here, a biting southerly, but it's not flooding like the UK. How amazing. In summer too. I wonder if they had to rescue so many people because people wouldn't have thought it could happen to them, there, then.

We had a moving Mass this morning, starting with Be Still, a most beautiful song. My friends whose father died during the week arrived with all their family feeling terrible, their first Mass since he died, and said they could hardly bear to be there. Both wept on my shoulder as they came to sit down. I felt so sad for them, and when our head of the Bazaar got up to speak about our final final total, and to thank the man who stood in for her father who became ill during the Bazaar and subsequently died, she started to cry too, and it was all very moving. And my Principal also rose at the end of Mass and spoke with great heart about the college and how wonderful it is. She did really well, and I felt proud to be working for her.
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