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Teaching Social Justice...

Well, like I said earlier, I'm trying out a Trading Trainers game at school with my senior Ethics class. It's a market strategy game, I guess, a group game, where you have a leader, a Peruvian market, a money-lender, some cost-of-living collectors and some Peruvian families. The families have to make shoes (cut out soles from a template and mark them with a brand - different brands will earn different prices at the market), and sell these at the 'market'. They get paid, but must buy more leather (paper) and scissors and stuff as they can afford it, as well as pay cost of living to the collector (or a member of the family 'dies of malnutrition'). Every five minutes is another week of their lives, and inflation rises every week, with the ring of a bell. The girls spent today preparing the game and are really looking forward to playing it! They left all excited about it!

The message they will hopefully learn is: how hard it is to get out of the poverty cycle, why the poor sometimes stay poor, no matter how hard they work. I hope that the girls learn this, so that as we study part of social justice that asks us to care for the poor, the needy, the marginalised, the girls will realise that that exists for a reason. These people are trapped and need our help and can't all 'save themselves' in some economies. So part of our commitment to justice includes that help for the poor.

In other news... well, teaching is fun. Hard work, but fun. All of my year 11s passed their assessment today, so that made me feel happy. We're starting a new topic on the Holy Spirit at work in the world. My year 10s are starting a campaign to get recycling going in the school, as part of our 'nurture nature' stewards of creation theme this term! I have three new pupils this term too, so there are new names to learn and routines to be explained. And one speaks no English! Nothing new to me, huh!

And the world keeps turning.


Jul. 26th, 2007 11:38 am (UTC)
LJ swallowed some of my comments too. Apparently there was a power outage in Seattle.

Two adults is good for games like that - the other adult doesn't need to be someone who has played the game before. I'm not sure why it works better that way - maybe it makes it less of a 'normal' lesson.



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