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A day in the life...

And so I'm off to bed a little earlier than usual, Nick-less but hopeful of a bright future all the same, and my wrist can recover from the rusty letter-beads! I'll miss them though. It's fun when people say, 'Is Nick your husband?' and I say, no, 'he's my favourite writer and my main character'... Anyway, I had an interesting day. We had sport and cultural photos all morning, so the intercom went off constantly. It wasn't worth trying to do much teaching so I had a fairly laid-back morning with my classes. I did attempt to cover the arrival of the early settlers to NZ but it was deathly boring. My Year Nines tried valiantly to remain engaged but *shudder* I shall have to work at that - the text book is full of writing, and I have three girls with almost no English and five more who are still considered ESOL students and struggle with advanced vocab.

I had a weird experience - I have a colleague who is in my dept (so I'm her boss, technically, for RE) but does her own thing, and has been at the school for donkey's years. She is very bossy, in a funny (not) kind of way, and today I had the classroom in darkness, lights out, candles lit, tealights in little bowls, cloths on the table, fairy stones scattered, and I was teaching my Year Eleven girls how to run a wee liturgy. I was midway through reading a meditation and the girls were liking it. This woman bowls in, checks that a certain student is there, then says, 'I have to see her.' Then she just switches on all the lights, so the girls are all blinking, strides down my classroom, stops in front of one of my students and throws her arms wide to hug the girl. Turns out it was the girl's birthday. What the hell! This is a teacher. Going out of her way to interrupt a class and hug a girl?! I stood there with my mouth open. Then she just buggered off again. I was royally pissed off but I couldn't say anything. Not impressed. Don't know what to do, she's a kind of kingpin around the place, driving people mad but also amusing some, and as I said, she's been there for maybe 20 years.

Then there was a mistake on my timetable and my first class after lunch never materialised. A nice surprise!! I did a heap of tidying instead. It was sunny and warm in my room - I love an empty classroom more than anything! It's like kind of doing my job without the constant interruptions that teaching brings! Heh.

We had a staff photo, too. That was weird as well, because instead of hiding with the taller teachers as I usually do in one of the back rows, I had to sit up front beside the Deputy Principal, because as DRS I'm a high ranking staff member! *giggle* ME! The Geography teacher came up to me while we were lining up and told me she'd been on a course with someone I worked with years ago, and that person told her effusively how incredibly lucky our school is to have scored me!!! She looked kind of perplexed. I think she's looking at me in a new light! Funny, huh. I wonder who that nice former colleague was...

So. That was today. We've been out to Artsplash. My children's school didn't enter this year, but two of Christy's best friends are in the Wgtn Sinfonietta, and she wanted to see them perform. We took the boys with us. It was fun striding back through Cuba Mall at half past nine at night. And I have made a really interesting powerpoint on poverty for my Ethics girls to watch at some stage. Maybe I'd better make one on early settlers for my Year Nines!! Yeah, well, not right now... maybe in the morning...
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