natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

What a day. My first class was awful and I made them copy off the board in the end, the whole start of Acts Chapter 2! I'd had a really interesting lesson planned, too *pout* but there was something in the air, girls were crying all over the place today. Luckily my other lessons went fine. I played Gregorian chants quietly throughout my Year 12 RE lesson, since we were looking at that era in Church architecture. And then just as I got the day under control, my children's school phoned to say that Asher had gashed his leg and might need stitches. I had to get my car from the garage where they were fine tuning it (usesless prats, I pay $1100 and the car starts idling badly and stalling for the first time ever), then drive over to school, take Asher and Finn home, assess the damage and head up to Rob's surgery. He decided we could get away with steri strips, a pad and a fat bandage so that was good news.

This evening I have a meeting at my children's school, some sort of information evening. And Steve has squash. At least I get Thursday off this week *g* I'm actually really looking forward to doing some serious writing, as opposed to housework!
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