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OMG I'm completely buggered and it's not even quite ten o'clock. So I won't write much just now. I had a really, really intense and busy day at school, then there was violin and clarinet this evening, and I have a pile of papers to mark, so I think I'll take them to bed.

Thanks for the update, Cari! Thinking of you from here *hugs you*

International Week is going well at school, with prayers in different languages over the intercom at the start and end of the day. The girls are very brave. This morning we greeted one another in all sorts of languages - the International Club gave the seniors cards with greetings in different languages written on them to share first period. That was fun! There was 'international soccer' at lunchtime between the various Asians in the school. And on Friday we can dress up in national costume. Always a tricky one for Kiwis. We don't really have one unless you're Maori. Gumboots maybe. A swanni. All Blacks jersey. I dunno! Any suggestions?

So that's me done, sorry. Better go mark... I want time to read the story posted by moth and margaret... aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
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