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Wrestling of a bed-dish kind...

I decided to change all our bed sheets and duvet (that's a doona to the Aussies and a comforter to the Americans) cover tonight, and I was thinking, as I wrestled with the duvet inner, feeding it into its cover with little decorum, rather like getting the toothpaste back into the tube or perhaps more akin to shoving a wild, screeching jaguar into a very small cage, that there is probably a fine art to this activity. I mean, thousands of hotel housekeepers can probably do it in a nanosecond. But there I am, pushing corners of the duvet into corners of the cover, grabbing these from the outside, shaking it all down, then working on the bottom corners. I think my neighbour turns the cover inside out and then kind of turns it in the other way with the duvet attached, but I just don't have the energy or even the desire to focus on how to do this. I am perhaps doomed to never really master the recovering of the duvet. And perhaps I'm happy with that. There are many other things I can do quite successfully. Just not that. And this particular duvet cover rankles because it came with matching pillowcases, and our burglar took one of these particular pillowcases when he ransacked our house years ago. I couldn't buy the pillowcases by themselves *pout* so I never recaptured that perfect balanced Asian-style look on the bed. Not good feng shui! Why oh why didn't he take a different pillowcase? I have dozens, all unmatching... I even have one with Jenny embroidered on it, and a buddy that says Friend. What an embarrassing farewell gift that was from one Catholic school where I'd been teaching, still single! But I digress, the usual stream of consciousness emerging. It's late and I have this cool book to read about medical ethical dilemmas in the near future...


Aug. 19th, 2007 05:34 am (UTC)
-I'm highly entertained that you managed an entire entry about making the bed.
Heh, maybe it's recognition of how little a life I have!!! I really need to get out more. Then again, I really need to spend more time in bed, so perhaps it was the most appropriate entry of all time *g*

I hope work wasn't too tedious. And you behaved afterwards *g*



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