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So maybe I'd better get beyond the bedroom tonight? Well, I'm off there shortly so *shrug* the bed still looks nice. We had a really quiet weekend. The boys went off with their friends to their weekend place out in the Wairarapa at lunchtime Saturday, and stayed until this evening, arriving home very muddy and starving! They had a good time though. Good outdoorsy stuff. Christy studied all weekend for mock exams (with my help - I can not only analyse What's Eating Gilbert Grape, Katherine Mansfield and Looking for Alibrandi to death, I can also tell you the difference between a chromosome, a gene and an allele), and she babysat last night for friends down the road. Viv unpacked, Cari worked and Moth wrestled with her computer.

I meandered round the house most of the weekend doing little jobs. I did do four loads of laundry, and I'll have more now the boys are back! I sorted some papers, baked some baking (I can now make an upside down microwave cake in no time at all), folded all the laundry while we watched the amazing '24 Simpsons' episode - with Kiefer Sutherland, of course! I have recycled all my old House and Garden magazines and that felt quite cathartic. Home design has changed a lot even in eight or nine years. I kept a few recipes *g* and it has freed up a whole line on the bookshelf.

We sang two new songs in Mass today, and that was a little stressful as I had to play them but they worked okay. And our priest was on a Jeremiah rampage - it was in the readings - and he got me to read a whole page about how to find meaning in your life! I had to edit as I went, as it was really the introduction to a self-help scripture book, but the parishioners seemed to get the message. They don't mind me sharing the lectern with JC jnr!! He'd warned them that what I read might scare them off and told the ushers to lock the doors! It wasn't that bad though, just stuff about your body rotting away and what did your life mean, and how your life needs meaning, and how you shouldn't try to get that meaning from others, but from within yourself (and from beyond yourself, in God, I think was the ultimate goal at the end of the book). That even good people need to find meaning in their lives, and that it's an empty life if you aren't striving for that meaning, striving to be better, do better, think better, learn better... recognising that there is good out there isn't enough, go get hold of it and make it happen. And at the end of the journey, in best TS Eliot fashion, recognising that you're at the start *g* -“What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.”

And while we're on Eliot...
-“When a Cat adopts you there is nothing to be done about it except put up with it until the wind changes.”
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