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Pouting miserably...

I had a great day, even took a junior English class after lunch as a favour for a friend, but then I had to supervise a second class this afternoon that I didn't know, and I'd heard about this class a number of times from teachers complaining about it, but I just went ahead hoping for the best... and it was awful, absolutely awful. I just about said, "that's it, I never want to face another class for the rest of my life". But I'll get over it. It was just so demeaning to be trying to teach such absolutely naughty girls. I shan't do that again, no matter what they ask me to do. So I'm pretty peeved this evening, and I seem to have lost my sense of humour. There was a girl in there whose lovely sister I teach, and this girl was horrific, I was so surprised. I had to yell at her and send her to a seat in isolation! Didn't hear another peep out of her after that. And another was the daughter of the Principal's secretary. I was quite shocked. In future, I won't be going near any of those girls again, silly, pathetic, rude little fourteen year old brats.

There, that's off my chest now. I'll go read to the boys. Harry Potter is pretty exciting.


Aug. 20th, 2007 10:16 am (UTC)
I think 13 and 14 year old girls are pretty awful, the worst age for teenage girls.... I reread the diaries I wrote when I was 14 when I was about 16... and was appalled at how bitchy I had been!
Not that that excuses rude behaviour, there's not really any excuse for that, and group dynamics are a funny thing, some personalities just shouldn't be put in a classroom with some others...

Any way moth2fic is right don't take it personally - it's not about you...

Where are you up to in the Harry potter book?



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