natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Amused, contented, upset, relieved... a typical Takahe day!!!

I had a really funny moment in school this afternoon. At the end of the final lesson, after prayers, one of my junior students couldn't find her phone. She unpacked her whole bag but it just wasn't there. Two of her friends stayed behind to help her look. So I offered to phone her phone - she said it was set to 'vibrate' so we should hear it if it were in the room. I dialled the number, we waited with baited breath... then she jumped! "OMG!" she burst out, turning red and reaching into her shirt, "I forgot I put it in my bra!" We laughed and laughed.

I had a good chat to another teacher today. He's really nice, and hadn't heard of fanfiction or slash or anything like that. He doesn't even have a computer at home. We'd been talking about writing because he'd like to write, and I said I llove it. He wants to write one day but he's too scared to start. He's a great English teacher. He wants to read Safe. I said I'll think about it *g* It's good getting to know the different teachers one by one as they trust me more and have real conversations, when we get a minute!

And Steve is back! I like two parents in the house!

And I'm still reading Harry Potter to the boys. It's pretty exciting!! I'm off there now...

ETA dammit both boys fell asleep so I couldn't read any more than a few pages. I so want to see what happens!
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