natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Another busy day as usual. I told my most senior class first period that we were flagging work today and getting on with some sharing! I made them sit their chairs in a circle and I handed out little cards with thought-provoking statements or questions, just one card at a time. The reader of the card had to try and answer then others could join in. It took all lesson.
Examples: When did you last tell someone that you loved them and who was it?
What would you do if you had thirty minutes to live? (that question reeks of when they were written, during the Arms Race, when I was last teaching college!)
What is your response to someone who brags about having sex?
Should marijuana be legalised?
What do your parents think of you? And are they right?
What is the best position to come in the family - first, middle or last - and why? And where do you come in your family?
There were lots of questions like that, and the girls really took it seriously, having a go at discussing all kinds of things. It was good. I don't think they get enough chances to share with an adult as a kind of moderator/mediator (that was me *g*).
One girl shared how her mother called her a bi#@*. I was surprised but she admitted that she could be like that sometimes, and the class surprised me by offering suggestions of how she could improve! Nice, huh.

And I'm so incredibly tired tonight, I was reading Harry Potter to the boys and found myself falling asleep at the end of some of the lines! Going to be early. Early. That means very shortly!
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