natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

I saw this on blue_leaf's profile and away I went *g* still STILL reading Harry Potter but still enjoying it too. Asher is remarkably adept at guessing what is about to happen, e.g. Griphook wants something, and Asher immediately suggests the sword of Gryffindor. Amazing. Finn and I just let it all slide by but Ash is really concentrating!
Sort me!
Today was busy again but reasonably pleasant in terms of teaching. My Year 10s are doing 'inspiring people' and I asked my Japanese Year 10 student to write about an inspiring person in Japan and she beavered away with her little translating computer and I could see she was making notes about shoguns and stuff so that's quite exciting. She never says anything in class so it's really hard to establish how much English she knows! My seventh formers are all looking forward to the next lesson, so I'd better think of something meaningful! I like Viv's idea of sequential questions. Now if only I had some.... *g*
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