natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

And so today I get a break from school. Although I have just been there for over an hour ;)
But now I'm home and trying to decide what to do first... clear the decks, clean the bathroom maybe because I stopped on the way home and bought a new soap dispenser and toothbrush holder - have you noticed that toothbrushes are getting fatter, with ergonomically designed handles and heads that clean your gums and tongues as well as your teeth but they don't fit in the little holes for conventional old brushes - but they keep making holders with four little holes. We have five people in the house, one with a fat electric toothbrush - so I bought two polished steel tumblers instead, and a matching soap thingy.

And some hair dye. Going dark brown today *g*

Yesterday, just after all the students had been dismissed, one of the teachers went on the intercom, 'All staff, you should now be making your way to your cars, c'mon people, LET'S GO BOWLING!!!' and so we had our winter-term outing, the whole staff bowling at the new Lanes alleys, and then we all went out to dinner, no partners, no children, no pets! It was great. It's feeling more like my family now, the staff, which is how it has to be in such a job as ours. So that's good too. Who knows what the future will bring there ;-)

For fun, I entered a short story competition yesterday, along with a few of our girls at school. There were school and open entries, and one of the English teachers was really keen to enter some of his young writers, so I cut out some entry forms from my neighbour's papers and very quickly (OMG, two days!) wrote a story to send off as well! We had fun getting the entries ready. I'll share the story with you soon.

And I had a good time with my Year 12 class - we sat in a circle and shared some questions about morality (our new topic), and the girls showed how much they'd grown as listeners in that group. We had some really good points made, and it's amazing to see how mature these sixteen and seventeen year olds are.

And thinking about wise teens, I've been lucky enough to be able to read greenpizzazz6's LJ with all her thoughts and quotes from MySpace, and gosh, Cari, you're just so amazing. I loved reading it all, and I'm going to go back and read it again later. Thanks for sharing your 'outpourings', your beliefs, your dreams for people, with me. But you can have Sam, I'm pretty much over him now *g*

And that's me. I've put on the washing machine, got the rabbit out for a run, boiled the jug - must be morning tea time. Anyone want to pop round?
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