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Sooo, it's been a few days, sorry, and it's been incredibly hectic here. Managing two children in slings, and then Karl at school who happens to be the heaviest person on the school site by at least twenty kilos, stepped on Asher's finger yesterday... only the Principal would deal with that gory sight. So he's wounded in several ways and that made it hard to have a piano lesson this afternoon. Then he stupidly fell off his skateboard (yeah, yeah, don't tell me, why would he be skateboarding while in a temporary plaster cast...) and hurt his elbow, and this evening he showed me a huge bruise where he ran into a desk today. Anyway... Steve is away again and it's all quiet here but I have about 384 things to do before Friday and it's pretty stressful. It's the last day of term on Friday but it's also Mercy day so I have to have a liturgy ready, songs, prayers, readings, and a prayer for the end of the day, and I have to take photos during the day, and we are supposed to dress up as a historical figure and I can't even think that far. I'm so tired too, but I guess that's the end of term thing, and today I had a coffee with two of the people leaving and I really like them both so I'll miss them next term. Three are leaving, all nice people. After the years of staff changes at Strathmore School, I hate to see people leave.

I've been doing some great teaching though. We watched Paper Clips this week in Ethics, about a tiny town in Tennessee learning about racial tolerance by learning about the holocaust, and how they decided to collect 6 million paperclips... and as a project it really grew. Great documentary.
It really was quite moving. I laughed at the bit where they said there were no Jews in their town... and no Catholics *g*
My class and I discussed the idea of having a life changing moment. I said I'd had a few over the years, and was anyone having one today while I was teaching?!! Heh. They're a great class.

So. I'm going to ice and decorate some wee cakes now (while I plan my liturgy) that I've made for Asher's teachers, for all the first aid they've given him lately (remember he gashed his knee open only about a month ago). I think they deserve a treat. I can forgive them for all the weird things they do during the term *g* it's good to let all that go past. They're just human, after all...
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