natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,


It's the holidays!!! I can't believe it. I dropped one teacher home, collected the boys (Yay for Finn who has won two tickets to the Phoenix soccer game tomorrow) and picked up Christy from the bus stop (I dropped her friend home on the way) and now, now, now I have coffee and I am officially on HOLIDAY!!! I can't believe it. I haven't relaxed yet.

Mercy Day was brilliant! My house, St Bernies, won the singing!! My liturgy on refugees went really well, and I got everything done that needed to be done throughout the day. I still have yellow stripes of paint on my cheeks and I'm still wearing a yellow t-shirt that says, 'Rule #5: You're an idiot' in big black letters, but we're all home now and I can start to unravel the chaos around the house and get some rest and do some writing even... maybe!

One of my seniors, who has been hospitalised for ages with anorexia, came back for a visit and looks good. One of my students has left today and I didn't know why, but I just found out she's pregnant. How hard is that. She's so young, only fifteen. I'll miss her.

So. Two weeks. Who knows what that will bring...
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