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Oct. 3rd, 2007

There is a howling gale here, it was a northerly but now it is a southerly. I drove Christy across town to J'ville, and on the way back I desperately needed to go to the bathroom! I stopped at one of the loos around the bays - they are rustic looking wooden constructions that serve as changing rooms for the bathers and they stick out into the bay a little on piles - and I sat down, then looked down - the tide was so incredibly high, the dark green waves, buffetted by the wind, were splashing right below my feet between the widely spaced floorboards!! It felt surreal, being just inches above the waves, little splashes spitting up onto the floor!! I felt like I was on a boat, sure I was moving! It was an amazing feeling!

And I called into another school to see about sending Finn there...

And I saw about ten minutes of Brothers and Sisters the other night (I told Finn I thought Rob was in it so we had to take a quick look), and man, it looks worrisome. So dramatic and... patriotic! I guess if you get into it it'd be okay, but the minute we saw Rob, Finn and I just shrugged. Sally Field in high drama? And the toast scene at the Thanksgiving table at the end? OMG! I'm kind of glad now that I gave up watching Rob.

And tonight, we'll finish reading HP for the last time!


Oct. 3rd, 2007 10:15 am (UTC)
-I hardly ever stick with actors unless the roles they choose are superb.
I think you have it there.
-I read the previews for Brother and Sister and decided to give it a miss!
Heh! I didn't hear a word about it here at home, but I'd seen the odd mention of the show in other places. I think Sally Field won an Emmy or something. But yeah, I don't think I have time to get into that sort of thing just now. And as for Rob, I dearly loved Sam Seaborn, as I loved The Outsiders, but not an awful lot in between or since, and not for want of trying and hoping beyond hope...



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