natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

rectal thermometers and holidays in general

There are times when you say things to children you never thought you'd say. I recall Phil Gulley writing about it, in Front Porch Tales, something about his son falling in love with a king from their nativity set, and they had to ask him not to dip the king into the ketchup... today, before I slammed the car door to go collect something, I stated to Asher in no uncertain terms, 'And you will NOT text rectal thermometer to your sister on my phone!'

The holidays have been interesting and challenging so far, not so much restful but a lot slower, we ease out of bed one at a time, me first of course, and we all go to bed late. Daylight saving is here, or gone, already and that's put everyone a bit out of kilter too.

I have plans for a new bathroom, so I'm doing a little research in that area. Tiles seem to be calling me. Tiles and a new floor and clean glass *g* - but there is also work to do. My job has been advertised... do I apply? Yikes!

And it's that time again, bed time! Finn has a friend to stay so I had better go check they went to sleep up the hall. And I suspect Christy has been on the phone to a friend for over two hours! Might need to go put a stop to that too! It's nearly midnight. And we still have a kind of storm. Wind. Rain. And I mean howling wind. Where you can hardly stand up at times, and driving rain, and cold, and in between, beautiful sunny patches. With a wind chill factor of about one degree. That's spring in Wellington.
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