natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

LJ is still hanging in there, huh...

I still have some wonderful friends here so how lucky is that *g*

Today was wet and windy and wild. Near-horizontal rain streamed past my classroom during my first lessons. I actually like that though. It makes the classroom atmosphere cosy, and the senior girls looked out the window and suggested they all stay in my room for the morning! There is no way to get to the admin block (which includes the Year 13 common room) from my classroom block without getting wet. I managed to teach an entire lesson on the parable of the Good Samaritan and everyone was still listening at the end!

I feel like I am almost getting on top of some of my work. I still have some admin to wade through over the next few days but I am feeling like I might just get there! I have marked dozens of assignments over the holidays, and I'm impressed at the ability of some of the girls. One essay on sexism was particularly good, reflecting on the failure of our church to include women as ministers. I think that's been the biggest mistake of any pope of any time. Dumb men, who do they think they are and what on earth do they think they have that we don't that makes them better priests? I'm fairly certain a penis isn't gonna cut it...

There was another good essay on racism. It's a pet favourite of mine, as a topic, and I really enjoyed her work. Thing was, the essays had to bring the issues back to NZ and therefore explore how the issues were relevant here. And even though we might not wish to admit it, there are plenty of racist attitudes here just as anywhere else, even though we might be a lot better than a lot of other places. The most recent refugee immigrants here, the Assyrians, find they feel they need to say, hey, I'm not a terrorist, I'm not even a Muslim. But people here don't always have a grasp of things like what an Assyrian is... 'Do you mean they come from Syria?!' NO! My ethics class watched a documentary today about the Chinese who came here for the gold rush but were prevented from bringing their wives out by a change in policy, and married Maori women (only the Maori would socialise with the Chinese then). It was called 'Eating Puha with Chopsticks'! And it was a very good little piece. Definitely a new thing for the girls to see a very Chinese looking young woman speaking fluent Maori.

Anyway. I have to go write a reference for someone. A friend is going to try and train to be a priest!! He's a man, of course *g* I'm not sure what tone I need to use. Formal? Friendly? I'll just have to wing it and run it by JCjnr first. He asked me to write the thing.

And I shall not be talking about rugby any time soon. It's just too hard to face! I'll pretend I don't know and don't care. At least ManU had a good win.
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