natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

I have been re-reading My Name is Asher Lev by the late great Chaim Potok. Asher Lev is an artist. Finn is fascinated that we named our Asher - well, Asher, and yet it's Finn who is the artist in our house. And Finn means fair, and Finn is the darkest in the family! Still, we weren't to know, huh... Potok is such a compelling writer, that even in the depths of his writings of frustration and family misery, I can't put his books down. I'm taking a couple of his books and my laptop to bed now.

I took the children to my college's Ethnic Food Fair this evening for dinner. I'm glad I went, there was not a lot of teachers there. Lots of parents though. I caught up with some friends. We could choose from Samoan chop suey, Tongan pineapple pie, Indian butter chicken, Asian spring rolls, a mix of Assyrian foods, BLT, nachos, bbq sausages and an array of cakes and breads. The rain finally dried up in time and the sun even peeked out as we all milled around the playground feasting with the occasional entertainment by the girls. It was fun. Christy has quite a few friends at my school so she was happy to chat to them. The boys even saw a few friends they knew.

And so it's the weekend here now. suilven, I wish you a good time in the Highlands. My grandmother was a Scottish Highland Country dancing champion here in NZ... even though she was Lebanese. She could dance over swords, do the fling and all that stuff. I saw all her medals the other day at my aunt's house.

So. I'm going to go off now and do some writing for a change. Or reading. Or both. See you.
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