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highs, lows... that sort of thing

Hey there, dudes... well, friends. So here I am at last. I feel all sorts of emotions at the moment, and I'm crying quite a lot so I figure I'm low in iron *g*, I think I shall give up listening to the advice of practice nurses. I'm making my own decisions from here onwards. Time for another test, I guess, maybe Thursday, and it's been a tough couple of days. There have been highs and difficult moments. So how do I organise my thoughts?

One high was writing here about Freedom Writers the other day and getting a response on LJ from Sonia, one of the class members who now works for the Foundation, spreading the word. Amazing, huh. I just sat here with my mouth open for a while at first! That was neat. What a buzz for me and for the girls!

I also had to decide to apply for my own job, to make it really mine. The Principal seemed very happy to have my application so *shrug* who knows. It was really, really hard to make the decision to hand it in but I do love the job.

Harder was planning a liturgy yesterday for the close friends of the girl at school who is very ill in hospital. Word is she is very low, so we thought we'd give her close friends a chance to share, pray, whatever, before the whole school gets on board the grief train. So we cleared a small classroom, I planned a little liturgy and we put out a special cloth, candles, water in a bowl, and then I spoke a little about grief and how to deal with it, and I had some readings ready. Another teacher shared something, and the whanau teacher and the counsellor came. The teacher from the hospital came too, which was nice, and the girl's sister and her close friends came as well, which was unexpected and really nice as she's been pretty quiet about it all. I asked the girls to share their stories about the girl who is ill, and they did, just little things, which were nice and funny, and at the end, when I played You Raise Me Up on my laptop, sure there were more tears but it was special and gentle and I told the girls they were very brave. We are going to keep that room as a sacred space until we get... bad news... the counsellor has put felt pens and a scrapbook for girls to write in messages, or to just go and sit there in peace and quiet if they feel overwhelmed.

And just before the liturgy, the Principal stopped me to talk with enthusiasm about my new classroom for next year! OMG! I listened, feeling all excited, but I kept thinking at the same time, hang on sister, you haven't actually given me the job yet... *g*

We booked a holiday to the Gold Coast for New Year. Yay, Nick Earls territory. I'll get a whiff of his presence... *snort*
There is a big article in the paper today about the nun after whom we named Christy!
And on a sadder note, we're going to lose JCjnr. He whispered to me he's being shifted. That was hard to hear.

So. An emotional roller coaster of a week. Thank heavens it's a long weekend here, Labour Day on Monday. Then school for two days then I asked for Thursday off. Finn has an interview at the posh school in the morning, and I'll have that blood test. Don't worry, I'm looking after myself as best I can. How are you all doing? Poor Geraldine lost her guinea pig and Blue Leaf lost his dog. Thinking of you guys, too.

Did I talk too long? Oops. Sorry.


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Oct. 21st, 2007 01:29 am (UTC)
Well, at least not all lows.

It must be so rough for those girls. Not an easy thing to deal with so young.

Hooray for a long weekend, and I think you're guarenteed the job no problem
Oct. 22nd, 2007 08:48 am (UTC)
-I think you're guarenteed the job no problem
Heh! I sometimes think that too but I've learned by experience to never count my chickens... Watch this space...
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