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Yesterday was harrowing. I couldn't even begin to post about it last night but I guess things always seem easier in the morning and I'm not so tired now! We had the funeral yesterday for Vui, our Year 11 girl who died of cancer. As DRS, I went over to Old St Paul's early
to set up the huge poster the girls had made, full of comments and photos of her and her friends at school, I took the candle we'd lit for her, a picture montage the girls had made for the family and I had to fine tune the girls' roles in the service. We were combining a Buddhist family with a Catholic school in an Anglican church with a non-denominational female celebrant *g*

As people filed in, to *sniff* the song Hide and Seek, OMG, as six of my girls carried in the coffin, the family handed everyone paper cranes that had been made for Vui by school mates over the years she battled leukaemia, and during the service, while they played OMG Jeff Buckley's Halleluia, we all filed up to her white coffin and laid the colourful cranes on top. To see all the girls from school doing that (we took a bus load and three carloads) - it was so moving. Our choir and barbershop choir sang, one of her best friends read a beautiful eulogy and another two did a beautiful reflection. No readings from scripture or anything but I don't think that was needed. The family prepared a lovely powerpoint of Vui growing up, with her family and friends. The family carried the coffin out to - OMG - Orange Sky - another moving song that was used on The OC. Once we were outside afterwards, Canteen (the cancer society group for teenagers with cancer and their siblings) handed us all helium balloons and we let them go all at once. It was windy and sunny, and the colourful balloons flew up past the beautiful old spires of the church and up into the sky. Then as the hearse drove away, our rugby girls chanted their immensely powerful haka chant OMG it was moving. The girls were very sad but also very strong. I am so proud of them and all the things they did for this ceremony and for their friend.

A Year 10 boy from our brother college died last night after a bike accident - Christy texted me just before the funeral to tell me, she knew him a little as it's a friend of her friends at school. They too will be hurting this coming week.

And now, I'm getting ready for Finn's birthday party. I've made the cake...


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Oct. 27th, 2007 08:13 am (UTC)
The service sounds beautiful, which was a fitting way to remember her. Her family must have felt a little comforted by all the love.

Now you can celebrate life, with Finn!!
Oct. 28th, 2007 02:12 am (UTC)
Sounds like such a moving service.
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