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End of the weekend

End of the weekend *pout*
We were busy every minute of it, I think. Finn's birthday party went really well. It was cool that his cousin could come. I taught everyone how to use chopsticks. Nine ten-year-old boys and not one thing went wrong, apart from Steve finding the hot tap falling apart in the bathroom just as almost everyone had arrived and I had to run out to the street and turn off the toby while Steve held the tap together with water spraying out everywhere and there I was with my arm buried up to the elbow in footpath and gunk on my hands when the last guest arrived, my cousin's son, in the care of a nice man called Jeff. And staunch caregiver that he was, he shook my hand anyway *g*. And Steve fixed the tap.

Mass was good this morning. Friends came to lunch afterwards as usual - and they brought food. Yay! Bought the last minute things Asher needed for camp tomorrow. Organised jobs for First Communion next Sunday with a friend. Drove Christy to and from a Harvest Festival concert (it's some religious thingy where she was meeting friends). Made ginger crunch as our contribution to camp (everyone is supposed to bake something, but I tell you, there were four other parents from camp in the supermarket this afternoon at five, and I saw at least two clutching bags of Farmbake cookies *g*!). Lucky it is now getting sunny late into the evening, I was hanging out washing at half past seven in the sun so that Asher had undies to wear on camp!

So Asher is off to the South Island in the morning with his class for the week. Steve is going north to Waiheke Island for a conference. Finn, Christy and I shall stay home.

Missed you all over the weekend, hope you're having a good weekend. Ours is now over, I'm going to go read my book in bed. Or write. Or read and write. Or maybe fall asleep.


Oct. 28th, 2007 10:44 pm (UTC)
End of the weekend *pout*
Don'tcha hate that?
and they brought food
That's nice! That makes it a lot easier and more relaxing!

Enjoy your reading/writing/sleeping!



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