natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Asher went to camp.

His Principal phoned my cell phone tonight, from A&E in Nelson. That's the ER to you Americans. Casualty. He has a broken arm. Camp activities hadn't even started, they were just fooling around sliding in the mud. That's when things go wrong, huh.

Not impressed. With him. With the idea of him away with a fracture. With the Principal looking after him. With him on a different island. With it being the first freaking day he left. With any of it. Not impressed at all.

In other news, my own Principal gave me the most beautiful card and bunch of flowers for all the liturgy stuff I ran last week for the two girls who died. Nice, huh.

We had staff meeting after school, then Christy to the rheumatologist, then First Communion practice, then picked up Finn from friends (where we had a glass of wine!), then the Principal phoned, then we had dinner... now it's bed time. Christy's friends are grieving badly over a Year 10 boy from St Pats who died on Friday, wagging school to go biking and dying alone after a bad fall on a bike jump. It's very sad, and that's three deaths from the two schools in a week.

It's hard. But life stumbles forward! I had a debate in Ethics today over refugees and where should they be allowed to go, one side of the room against the other. That went really well. One girl got so caught up in the emotion of it all she had to leave the room for a moment! I gave her the tissues. She came back. She just has a powerful empathy for humanity.
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