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The body of plastic...

I was trying to perk up the end of year exam for the Year Nines and I found this *g*

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It came from a rather cynical blog called, appropriately, cynical-c.com... I don't think it's been used for awhile so I borrowed it. But I love the creativity of the Lego pic. Jesus looks like he's out of the Star Wars set - his clothes definitely are *g*

In other news, it cost over $500 to fix the small lake in our front yard this morning.
Asher will be fine, apparently, in a cast, to continue camp.
I have my interview tomorrow.
I have little iron and my GP thinks it's... interesting. I'm sending him a 'you are an idiot' letter tomorrow.
And that's the news for today. Good night to all my wonderful friends, especially one of the three Liz's, LizW, who got mugged. That just shouldn't ever happen to anyone.

And polyamory? Is that a condition? A weakness? A greed? Or just a way of saying relationships aren't necessarily for two people alone? An inability to sustain a relationship with what is the norm, one other person? A desire to have multiple relationships and justify it? A nice term for sleeping around? or just some people's desire to proclaim their sexual versatility? Or a hobby? Or maybe just an interest - perhaps a freedom, a freedom of choice and possibly richness for those involved? ... hmmmmm. Me? Not interested. I have enough to do.


Oct. 31st, 2007 08:18 am (UTC)
There was a pipe leaking around our toby, and there was a lot of water on the front lawn, especially around that area. Wet, wet, wet! They had to dig a bit to find the leak. Luckily our garden is predominantly sand.

The interview was pretty long, an hour! They asked a lot of questions they had prepared, there were three of them, Chair of the Board, Special Character rep (a nun I know) and the Principal. AND they had red wine to drink so I said, what the hell, sure, I'll have one too!
I have no idea if I get it though. I'll know Friday.

-Iron - hmmm... Has your doctor ever investigated why your iron is so low or does he just keep on handing out the pills?
He doesn't even hand out pills. He tells me to eat red meat and I buy my own pills. I suspect he has no idea of how hard it is to live while low on iron!!! He's a man, after all LOL! I'm totally looking after myself from now on.



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