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Catch up...

Well, I haven't been here for a while - heh, feels like it didn't matter even, which is weird. I used to worry when my friends didn't post but I've learnt to leave people alone and not worry. And so I ought to expect to be left alone too, huh. But feeling no one is out there looking for you, it makes it hard to find the desire to post again. Still, I just read through all your posts before I went out earlier. Nice to see you all there *g*. I've been busy, as you would expect, nothing new there, with the academic year reaching its peak just now, junior exams this week, two weeks of seniors left, then their big exams start and I start planning for next year! I haven't slept more than five and a half hours for the last five nights. Just no time to hang about in bed. I'll have to change something. I am taking iron pills again though and I shall do so until the great Day of Menopause, whenever that shall arrive.

I survived sleeping the night in the gym at school, two teachers and about twenty-five girls, and an axe-murderer on the loose overnight from the peninsula. He was caught later the next day down in Kaiwharawhara. We had a good night. It was moving, seeing the documentary on the night commute of the Ugandan children, who commute into town each night to sleep in basements and hidey-holes to avoid being abducted by rebels from their villages in the dark. To perk everyone up, I showed them Freedom Writers. Such inspiration.

Next day I was pretty tired - yikes, those one inch gym mats don't do much for someone my age LOL, and the head girl didn't crawl into a space beside me until nearly half past four! - and I had to get ready for First Communion the following day. And that went incredibly well, a really moving service, my last with dear JCjnr. The children were so gorgeous. The school teacher made a speech about me and I was so embarrassed. Everyone was really pleased though. The music was good too. And the little boy brats turned on a brilliant performance as little angels! Unbelievable! We had a lot of boys and only five girls. And Asher was spectacularly sick on Saturday night - I had to clean it all up. I think he might be allergic to crayfish (we had dinner with our neighbour who'd been out fishing).

Then I had to spend the rest of Sunday after the Mass writing exam papers, and getting them printed by today for the junior exams. That took a LOT of organisation as I hadn't had to do that at our school before. Then there was the signing of my contract, the decision to move Finn to a new school, my brother's birthday, my father's two year anniversary of his death, and our friends heading to Scotland for their son's wedding so we had dinner there last night, followed by some Guy Fawkes fire crackers (we drove up to the prison to watch the big city ones across the harbour first). We were invited to Scotland for the wedding but was just too expensive for us. I would have loved to have seen many of you over there *pout*. But we would have been tripping with four adults and one child.

Teaching is just such fun. I really love it where I work now, it's so... satisfying, so rewarding (well, on a good day LOL - there will always be crap days too in the classroom!), and I get such good feedback from the girls. It is worthwhile work, even if it is teaching religion, the subject everyone has to take and no one wants! But one senior girl said today that if I hadn't come to the school, she would probably have left by now, but now she loves coming to my classes. That was nice.

I've just been to the Hutt tonight to collect Christy and three others from her German class - they went out there to an authentic German restaurant for a dinner. It was like the place we went to in Wiesbaden, a traditional German menu. Steve got to meet Urte and we had a great meal together there - the menu tonight was very similar.

This week the Principal wants to discuss my NEW CLASSROOM! It's going to be separate, down on the courts, landscaped with plants and a deck for liturgies and stuff. It sounds exciting!

Now it's time for bed before ANOTHER day gets going in seven hours. Dammit. Hope you're all well and getting on with things. I will try to catch up ...when I get to catch my breath.
Oh and I'm reading a good book... The Girl in Times Square. When I get a minute. So. Bye.
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