natesmountain (natesmountain) wrote,

Asher is thirteen!

Dear Moth, thanks so much from Asher xxx

Asher loved the e-card, and he's had a good day. Now I have two teenagers living in the house, to go with the 135 I teach each week. I guess we'll cope.

I'm so incredibly completely totally utterly shattered, I fell asleep for a moment while marking tests at my desk today just before lunch. Luckily there were no students in the class that lesson!! I'm going to bed now but I'll catch up tomorrow if I can. I can't wait to see Moth's website. I know if Viv's had a hand in it, it'll work well, and if Fledge has been any kind of influence, it'll be lively *g*

So. No news really, just a heap of marking that's been done this week after junior exams and senior catch-ups before final assessment dates. A Mass to plan. Fracture clinic. Three liturgies to organise. Priest to book - no, done that. WoF on the car. Driving the children here and there. Passport photos for me. Garden festival this Sunday. Just a lot of endless stuff. But now it's done and it's the weekend and it's nearly midnight so - I'm off to bed. E noho ra. That means - well, kind of like 'see you (here) later'!

Have a happy rest of Friday.
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